Sunday, March 21, 2004

.....in my sight that is...

What a day!Went to bed pass 3:00AM....woke up at 3:00 PM....when to church to help to decorate the Fellowship hall for the Dinner tomorrow after the church service....Came home around 8:30PM....put some TV dinner on the microwave, and began watching again "The Lord Of The Rings ...The Fellowship of The Ring"...had to stop it cause my father called me long distance from Puerto Rico....We began talking at 9:30 PM and ended talking at 11:45 PM....Then, i finished watching the movie.......By 2:00 AM the movie was over and i decided to watch the national competition of culinary arts on the FOOD CHANNEl....folllowed by that i decided to come online, check e-mails, and write in here while watching at the same time "The Iron Chef" also on Food channel network.Why i call this day an INTERESTING DAY?...well, many things happened today that i realize a lot of things not only about myself but about others.I learned today how courage arrive within me that i didn't know before existed in my soul.New vision.....new strenght....FINDING WHERE I BELONG.

It is right now 2:41 AM and I wished I could write some more but, I want to go to the THRONE OF GRACE before going to sleep and renew my spirit in the GOD of My Salvation........PLUS :o) I got to wake up early tomorrow--or today for that matter--to be at church at 9:00 AM.

Wish that whoever is reading this some lonely journal would be encouraged, challenged, and at least learn something both from my mistakes and triumph.

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