Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Changing Times!!

Changing time are ahead. I can feel it. I have began even to taste it.
Time to think where I am, and time to think where I am going and want to be.
I need so much time.
No sure if I have that much time.
Who knows, TOMORROW is not promised to anyone.
I have to act quickly. I have to stop the madness.
I have two options: I either dwell and enjoy my pity, or I take charge and do something about it.
I choose to get some results.
After all, I am more than a Conqueror through CHRIST who is my Strength.
Who am I going to believe then, Jesus and HIS WORD or fleshy constantly changing emotions?--I guess you pretty much know my answer to that already.
I think it is time TO THINK WHAT I AM THINKING about these days.
As the BIBLE says" as a man thinks so is he"--sorry, I know that it is in Proverbs but cannot record at this moment in what chapter.
Why is it that even though you know something, it is so hard to put those thoughts to action?

Why is it that may be what I might tell someone today about how to success in life, I will have to be remaindered of it tomorrow from that exact person.--May be it is what God've planned so that NOBODY will think of himself/herself more than what they should.

It humbles our spirit, yet it makes us stronger, molds our character, and makes us great human begins--The kind that God really intent for us to be at the beginning of the world.

I choose today to be happy no matter what my feelings and circumstances might be.
I choose today to think positive and have a merry heart....I choose today to smile and kill whatever hurt is trying to kill my TRUE SELF.
NOTICE" It got be a decision since trials and tribulations are part of life anyway. I either let the madness control me, or I choose to get control over it.


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