Sunday, March 28, 2004

Holding On To Your Hands!

I am not sure what is going on with me these days.I mean, I cannot get rid of weird feelings of depression.....In my family there are tons of history about chronicle depression and stuff like that--please don't ask--and I am begging to worry about that a little.I just feel very very sad, and not sure why...and have began avoiding friends and family too......sort of lost in my own thoughts....I know that may be I am not making any sense---trust me, I am not making any sense to myself right now either.

My thoughts overwhelm me...

"My eyes are blind to YOUR ways oh LORD,For I've seen YOU love and care, SO...I rest in YOU knowing though I may not know....I take on YOUR strength as though it were my own...I'm standing on the promisees Your Word for me provides....My complain today is bitter but sweet is YOUR reply my questioning still lingers though WHY...You know each road I travel down....My heart and YOURS are one...Through suffering and sorrow come peace beyond belief for our present circumstances serve only to remind us of THE GOLD WE CAN'T YET SEE...

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