Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oh Geez....

Oh Geez!....I am very sick.....I caught this terrible stomach virus.....feeling very weak....slept through the whole day.....didn't eat anything the whole day, afraid that i would throw up if i ate.....woke up at 1:29AM and decided to try to at least drink the juice of a chicken noodles soup....came online really quick to check my e-mails---since i am trying to get my hands on two Jackie Chan movies on Ebay.....and i won :P , which makes me happy---the movies that i own are: Rumble in Honk Kong, and Killer Meteors, or suffin' like that....Also, I hope I win two other Jim Carrey Movies---One of them "The Mask" i got it on VHS but wanted to have it on DVD instead; the other one "Who the Grinch Stole Christmas" i bought it for Christmas for one of my little nephews, but wanted also to buy it for myself as well.....So, I thought of giving EBAY a chance.I'll keep YA undated on that.

I hope I get to feel better pretty soon!

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