Friday, May 21, 2004


WhOOhhOOoooooO!!!...What a fun day!!!!...... ^_^

I went shopping today and found a few cute things.I found two awesome so cute and comfy shoes, and a so cool and neat bracelet.

I went shopping around 5:00 PM and came home around almost 10:00 PM:o)..what can i say, i am a girl^_~

Came online for a few hours and talked to a friend who told me *sight* that the Lord of the Rings dvds that I got are missing about 200 and something minutes of cut action._- Darn it....i hate when they do that!...and so now I will have to buy the "SPECIAL EDITION" DVDs if I want to enjoy the uncut versions of it....Oh well!

Ah, ^_^ I forgot to mention that last Friday the 18th, it's was my best friend Birthday Party. ^_^ Wow...it rocked!!!!!!!!....The place was packed!....Everyone was saying that it was so cool! ^_^...and of course it was ^_~ *ahem* since i was the one who organized it and made all the arrangement and everything *ahem* such a modest girl...lol^_^ but the most important thing was that Maira had fun and was blessed by the love that everyone shared with her on her special day. ^_^

Tomorrow i got a few things to do, so i guess i should get going. ^_^

okie-dokie...this girl is out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

WOW, it has been quite a few weeks since the last time I wrote anything in here, and there are like tons of things to say; so I am just going to try to summarize everything the best I can to just give you ALL THE INVISIBLE people who read this Journal, the chance to know what has been going on with my silly crazy fun and active life.

Well, to begin with, I would like to talk about THE NATIONAL YOUTH DAY:
It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......the whole event was so full of energy and fun.
The CANTATA was amazing! We did an astounding performer...TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
We took lots and lots of great pictures, and some family even recorded the whole event.--A friend will bring me the videos so that I could watch the whole group singing and doing the drama and stuff.
I cannot wait!
The whole church applauded and glorified GOD when we were done.
It was a lot of work, and many times many of us were sick and still went to the practices two ,and some times, three days in a week, but all was worthy at the end. ^_^

I began reading a few weeks ago three books: LIFE STRATEGIES, SELF MATTER, & THE DREAM GIVER...the last one, one of my oldest sister,MINOSKA, bought it for me, and although I am sort of familiar with the context of what the book is all about, I promised my sis that I will read it, so I am reading it.-It's a good and very inspiring book.
LIFE STRATEGIES: Is the book that I am the most into. I have sort of made a few notes here and there, and so I am planning to come in here lateron the week and leave my notes and quotes from the book, so ya all know what I am reading and where I am in the book.
SELF MATTER: I began reading it but haven't gone back and read some more cause I am very into LIFE STRATEGIES at the moment.

ABOUT MY HAIR: Wow, my hair grows so fast....Summer is here, so guess what people?--I cut it again...I am trying to keep it short for the summer.
Also, I am planing to go to a Christian Summer Camp this coming August.
I have gone before, and it has been a blessing. I have met great people over the past in other Summer Camps, so I love it....The Theme of this year for the banquet is ASIAN CULTURE--go figure...when one of my girl friends told me about it, I was like YES!!!.
Last year was all about the 50s, but I didn't go....the year before that, it was about HAWAII....I dressed up and took some cool pictures. It was fun though! Yeah, you see, I am not as boring as some of you may thought. I am a full of life and funny gurl...just because I have strong moral values does not mean that I am not a fun person.

I bought a few Classical music CDs. I love listening to them when I feel stressed since they help me relax.
I even bough a few CDs with like NATURE Sounds and stuff. It's so cool to here like birds singing, and the ocean, and even storms and stuff like that...I SO LOVE IT!

One of my friends from church--JENIFFER--recently won the School pageant, and she is going to be in miss Florida.---She and I went to a SENIORS HOME place few Sundays ago. She has been doing that for quite a while already, and so I am helping her as well....I am part of the youth directive from my church, so I am planning to bring that out. We should also go and show the love of GOD to those people who need it the most.....In my opinion it's so sad that people would put their parents in those places. I will never do that to my parents after all the care and the love they have given me. I will honor their old days by taking good care of them as they did it for me.

MY BROTHER: He is back to New York City again. I heard from my older sister, FRANCIA, that he is performing with the group in night clubs and stuff like that, and that they are planning again to go on tour.

SIGN LANGUAGES: I have always been interested in learning sign language, and although I do know some, I am not quite there yet.
I am preparing and organizing two songs that include some sign language and dance in it....there is a girl from church that is great at that kind of things, so I am going to give her a call.
Also, I need to get in touch with MICHELLE--the music teacher--cause I have some great ideas for a drama. We could even prepare one for the talent show competition for this year at SUMMER CAMP.......I like all that have to do with drama, singing and performing. I guess you can say, it runs in the family....i would say, IT is in my veins instead.....Yeah, I know, same thing, but I think the second statement makes it more ME...more PERSONAL.

I am not sure if I have mentioned that I am on charge of the decoration department at church....Well, I am, and it has been a lot of work to organize the huge room were all the decoration are.....and there is a lot more to do......
I like what I do!...I love to create things and decorate....I have so many ideas, and people find them interesting most of the time.......I like to be different!

MY GUITAR LESSONS: Forget it!...I am not giving up, but it's kind of hard.....I will give myself some time off.

ABOUT SCHOOL: I was planning to take some summer classes but decided not to because usually summer classes go too fast ,and I am more a sort of take my time to learn and study kind of girl....However--i am already trying to dig some of the possible topics that I will be learning in my next class....which I have to take some child psychology classes.

SUMMER JOB: I am planning to find a job either in PETSMART OR A HEALTH FOOD STORE at the Mall....wish me luck everyone!!!!!!
I LOVE PET SMART because when i usually go with one of my friends to buy food and stuff for her doggie, there are like so many cute puppies walking in the store and stuff. ^_^
And about, I think it's GMC, the name of the health food store, I always wanted to work there because it has to do with nutritional supplements and stuff like that which I am such a freak fan.
My last jobs: I was working in a floral shop and on a supermarket as a cake decorator. I did love both, but I want to try something new.

Well, i guess that will be all for today.....if i forgot something, i will come back tomorrow and write them down for you all. ^_^


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