Friday, May 21, 2004


WhOOhhOOoooooO!!!...What a fun day!!!!...... ^_^

I went shopping today and found a few cute things.I found two awesome so cute and comfy shoes, and a so cool and neat bracelet.

I went shopping around 5:00 PM and came home around almost 10:00 PM:o)..what can i say, i am a girl^_~

Came online for a few hours and talked to a friend who told me *sight* that the Lord of the Rings dvds that I got are missing about 200 and something minutes of cut action._- Darn it....i hate when they do that!...and so now I will have to buy the "SPECIAL EDITION" DVDs if I want to enjoy the uncut versions of it....Oh well!

Ah, ^_^ I forgot to mention that last Friday the 18th, it's was my best friend Birthday Party. ^_^ Wow...it rocked!!!!!!!!....The place was packed!....Everyone was saying that it was so cool! ^_^...and of course it was ^_~ *ahem* since i was the one who organized it and made all the arrangement and everything *ahem* such a modest girl...lol^_^ but the most important thing was that Maira had fun and was blessed by the love that everyone shared with her on her special day. ^_^

Tomorrow i got a few things to do, so i guess i should get going. ^_^

okie-dokie...this girl is out!

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