Monday, June 21, 2004

Around The World In 80 Days!!!


......i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came from seeing "AROUND THE WORLD
IN 80 DAYS!!!!!" Well, if you haven't seen the movie yet I would advice you not to read this entry.

At the beginning the movie was very very very boring
....I was even falling to sleep ....it was too much BLAH BLAH BLAh ...

THE worse thing was that i recommended the movie
to four of my friends who went to see it with me. They wanted to see the "DAY AFTER TOMORROW" movie, but i convinced them to watch "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS "instead.....so i was a little nerves and began to sweat and was trying to hide my head under the seat while trying to keep the COOL ..........I was even scared to look at my friends' faces....wanting to see their reactions while they watched the movie but, i was too chicken to even try.

Lucky for me, the interesting stuffs began when Jackie Chan took the INVENTOR

to an art gallery
and some Chinese dudes were after Jackie, and then the whole "WAAAAthhhAAAaa!!!! " fighting thingy began.........

The painting
scene was one of my favorites....paint was all over the place... ....and the funniest thing was how while fighting the ugly dudes, Jackie made a beautiful painting.....From there to the end, the movie was okay....
Jackie was even a little boring
, and I'm gonna complain because all the focus was on the INVENTOR and not really much on Jackie.

One thing that i did LOVE
about the movie was how many cool well known actors had little parts in the movie; for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger---which was the most silliest and hilarious in my opinion..and i loved it by the way---, Rob Schneider,--who played a beggar who taught the INVENTOR how to ask for money in order to survive....there the humor was just too nonsense----- and even Owen Wilson was in the movie as well---He played one of the brothers who flew for the first time and invented the airplane in America ........ I was so happy too see Owen in particular because after watching Owen and Jackie together and all, I sorta like the chemistry between them in both Shanghai Noon and Knight movies.

I also loved the big fight
in the statue of the libertythat rocked!!!

It was a good movie
, but I guess I was expecting to see more excitement in it. The humor was very cheesy even though I don't mind that, but I was expecting a little more magic in the movie ....more unique, new and refreshing new JACKIE cHAN'S FIGHTS and all...

I will give the movie an 8 & 1/2.

Well, I guess that will be all for today.


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