Saturday, June 19, 2004

Good Friends are treasure.....

me very happy.....after such a long time and waiting , i finally conquered my laziness and went to the post office and sent some stuff to two of my close pen-friends. One from England --jimbo--and the other friend from China --Shawn-.

Today i am supposed to go to Jessica Summer Party
, But I am not sure if I want to go. It's 6:10 PM and i haven't decided if i want to go or not. I am tired ....and even though that i do wish i have the motivation to go and all, i cannot find it anywhere.I hate to go out when i am drained.-I hope Jessica forgive me for not going.

Okie-dokie, gonna try to clean my room
vacuum dust, make my bed , wash my clothes , clean the toilet , while i bug my friend over the phone ....after all that working and cleaning and shining here and there, this girl needs a LOooong well deserved shower before the day is gone.

Well, i hope you all enjoy your weekend.
I still trying to find someone to go to watch the new Jackie Chan Movie "80 days around
the world"....I wanted to go tonight, but everyone is going to Jessica's Party, so i better leave it for tomorrow. We'll see. I 'll try to keep you all updated on that.


bYE-BYE noW..

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