Friday, June 18, 2004

Party--Party Vs Surgery o_O

Deltitas' party last Tuesday Rocked!

The place was packaged.
Everyone was there....from youngish to oldies.
Me,!? I almost didn't make it. I got home around 5:00PM,and so I was late to the party and needed to buy Deltita a gift.
Finally I arrived around 7:20 PM, just in time to eat the yummy foods prepared by her mother, which by the way, cooks like an angel....if angels would ever cook that it.
She turned 17.
She already have this admire who brought her a SERENATA early in the morning and brought her Flowers and bought for her a favorite movie.

Her mother adores the guy, but Deltita still is in denial.
All i could think of was
"WOW...what a guy"....You don't find that kind of guy around the corner these days...Not to mention that Oscar Andres--that is his name--is such a gentlemen and a very sweet guy....also studying medicine--well, going for medicine since he is in his first year of college--and he is a very intelligent and smart guy..and most important,he is a "godly" guy too.....also good son, and yeah, he is a cuttie as well......
I love Deltita a lot. She is like a little sister to me, and I would be very very happy if she finally says OK to the dude.
They would look so cute together

About my surgery:

Well, finally it will be on July 14 at 8:00 AM, but I got to be there at 7:00am.
I cannot eat or drink after 12:00am the day before the surgery....or take any medication that contains aspirin either.
It sucks that i have to go through surgery again, specially when my friends will be gone to
Summer Camp
exactly begging that day.
I'll be okay...
A few ladies from church have already volunteered to take care of me and cook and stuff while I recover.
I am okay though. I am not scared or anything like that. I know it's not the end of the world.

So, i am guessing that i will not be able to type
for may be about three weeks or suffin'.

I will have to stop by the Jackie chan board
and say my "I SEE YOU LATER" before the surgery.

Also, tomorrow another of my friends from church is having a Summer Party.
Jessica-that's her name- is going on a long vacation and wants to spend some quality time with her friends before she leaves. I am not sure if i will be able to make it since i should have told her today if i was planning to go so that she would have an idea of how much food and stuff to prepare for her guesses. So, we'll see.

Aw "80 DAYS AROUND THE WORLD" began this last June 16th and I haven't be able to go yet.

I am planning to go tomorrow IF i decide not to go to Jessica's party.

Well, that's all i can think of right now, and since i got a headache,
I think I will cut it here.

*Keep Your Dreams Alive!

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