Monday, June 14, 2004


ALL the silly boys and girls that read this Journal.

This week has been an amazing week...Even with its up and down days, I have managed by the grace of God to "keep my chin up" and basically keep on walking not letting "jerks" to take the best out of me.

I won again so many cute things on Ebay....My first cute and soft Rainbow sweater arrived on Friday, and it's looking good.

I also bought a few cute bracelet sets from Honk Kong....Very cheap yet also good quality...On Ebay, of course

Also, I bought a few new well needed outfits from Japan
Honk Kong, New YorkAnd around the corner too....
I really needed to buy new clothes
for the summer as the ones i got were sort of last season, and some others i just didn't care much for any more.......I even got awesome bargains on Winter clothes -which by the way, whenever you less expected, winter will be back knocking at our doors. So, I made a good deal.

This last Sunday after church
, a friend of mine invited me to her house to eat and spend the rest of the afternoon and night with her family and other friends from church .....After the service was over around 12:45 PM we stopped at my house first--which it is relatively close to the church--and we picked 7 movies to watch them later .....Of course as you can imagine, we didn't watch all of them in one day, so I told my friend Delta, that she could keep three movies and bring them to me either on Wednesday night or the next Sunday morning.
The movies we saw were: The Tuxedo.... Yeah, they also liked it too!!!

Then, we watched THE PIANIST
...which it was 2 hours and 30 minutes long. ...then, they began watching THE FAMILY MAN, which I couldn't finish watching with them because a big storm was coming, and the sky was looking very very dark, and it was also lighting like crazy...SOoOO Scary!!!. ..So, I went home around 8:45 PM and got home at 9:00 PM something.

It was a lot of fun as my friends are usually so funny and silly, so we were laughing our silly heads out most of the time while watching the movies.

Also, Delta's Mom is planning to make a surprise Party for Deltita
----Both daughter and mother have the same name, so i am going to call the daughter Deltita which that is the way i usually call her anyway--So, DONA Delta asked me to decorate the Birthday cake for Deltita, so I said Of Course Yes!...

The party is going to be tomorrow after 5:00 PM.....we are going to eat
, go to the pool and may be watch Some movies together .....may be I will bring my The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy DVDs.

But then, I remembered that my doctor's
appointment is also for tomorrow, so I would not be able to help with the decorations of the place and/or the cake. That sucks!!!....But I cannot cancel this appointment as again I will be having hand surgery Either at the end of this month or beginning of the next one...... Did I forget to mention that before?...I guess I did....well, nothing to worry ...

I had a Carper Tunnel and Tennis Elbow surgery on my left hand , now I need to have the same surgery on my right hand.....
I am okay though..I am not worried or distressed!I know GOD still is in HIS throne and I still am HIS child! ....That is just part of life!!!

ANYWHO, tomorrow i will be going to DELTAS' party after 6:00 PM......I am ready to eat lots and lots of yummy, toxicated junk food and just get happy
with lots and lots of Coke and chocolate chip cookies .....which I hope they will have ...IF NOT I will stop by the grocery store and get some.

Well, it looks like today is going to rain like crazy again, So I better get off.

I will tell you all how did the party goes tomorrow!


I am Out!

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