Tuesday, July 13, 2004

SURGERY...My I see You Laters.......

While some of ya are going to be having fun at
summer camp
begging this Wednesday the 14th, mE, mYsElF, and I will be having surgery at 8:00AM......

Just help me to pray
that i will not freak out and pass out before they actually make me pass out.
You are welcome to visit me and bring me some goodies.. You know, the usual, Caviar, lobster ...etc. etc....**teasing***Or just simply give me a call, or come to bug me while i am suffering in my bed.....Gee the only thing i regret--besides going to church of course---is that SpongBob SquaredPants is coming to the Mall, and I will not be able to take my picture with him.

Keep Your Chin Up!!!

P.S: For those who care little, i can bribe you with some chocolate chip cookies
and a movie to watch while i complain of my pain ....ha ha
ha**joking**....Oh yeah, feel free to do my laundry ,make my bed , vacuum ,
iron my clothes
, dust for me sweep mop , cook me some dinner ,wash the dishes , clean the bathroom ;ah and oh yeah, don't forget the windows too .
See how much fun is that. :o) Just kidding folks...just kidding...^_~

I will not be able to write
or make any new entry in
this journal
for a while.

Love ya all!

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