Friday, August 27, 2004

Little Nuggest after the suregry!


1) I am sure many of you have prayed
for me like so much because I am doing awesome!!!
I have only two more therapies to go--I think--. I can type
and all, but sometimes if i push myself too much, my elbow begins to hurt just a little; nevertheless, overall, I am feeling great!!^_^ Thanks for your prayers and for those short e-mails that put a smile on this silly girls' face!!

2) I miss everyone from "Japan
-chat"...Well, not everyone EVERYONE, but a few special people...YES!!ALSO,I have found this awesome Christian message board where i am spending much of my lazy time-WITHIN MY learning TIME!!!

3) I am also so happy because I think like there is a 95% chance of me being able to go to China
next year!!With GOD'S WILL!! .....Just keep that in your prayer time. ^_^....In fact, i think i will be able to go to London next year too!!--I am thinking for spring brake though --and luckily i have a friend that would show me around, so i would not act silly and looking like a "tourist" asking for directions and all that stuff . I just want to have a good time without any frustrations or complications.-- Even though one of my British friends has volunteered to show me the city , I'm still looking for other alternatives-such as may be a Tour guide thing since I am sure may be that way i would get to see more places and save some cash
--I spent a lot of time last night looking for options.....We'll see!!!!
I also found this so Cool hotel in Shanghai
--wow!! I am the blesses girl on earth!! That is a deluxe suit! and oh my gosh, it's beautiful!!!!! So, i can't wait!...I hope things go as planned!!

4) Oh wow...and Boy, we missed a HUGE hurricane a few weeks ago here in my area. Hurricane Charley turned away to the Ocean when it was about to hit my city. Thanks GOD!!!....Many people still are NOW without power ......WOW!! hard to believe that this is happening in America .....But fortunately help has been going on since the first night of the tragedy.

I found out about the hurricane
just two days before it was supposed to hit my city! ...I ran to the grocery store and bought my "survive supplies" You know, the usual, gummy worms , chocolate chip cookies , nachos and salsas, and some diet coke!....BUT, of course I also bought four gallons of water and lots and lots of can food that I still have in my kitchen cabinet. Plus, candles & matches .I even taped my windows in case, so glasses would not be flying away and hurt somebody. ---I'm still not sure how does that work, but THAT is the "thing" to do (SO I'VE HEARD) when a hurricane is coming.!So, we made it alive!!...and I missed the flying cars , the flying cows , and who knows, may be I would have been also flying too!...LOL... Seriously though, I am glad that it didn't come our way especially after hearing how some people are surviving without electricity and how many have lost everything they got.....

5) In addition to that, last week we had a revival at my church
.... it was Glorious!!!...Praise God!!.......Just in time for school! Which sadly , i didn't get to register for this semester 'cause i didn't know how i would be after the surgery or how long it would take for me to fully recover!....But, it's okay! I am spending my days studying anyway and trying to catch up with some reading while i let GOD put me back together!!!!

So, there you have it!!
I'm glad that finally i had the chance to update my journal


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