Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne.....

Well, bye bye hurricane

We did have our Sunday service at church
and all, and even after the service we did fellowship and ate lunch together in the church dinning room.

It was also the celebration
of XA, our Christian fellowship in school.....So, we, the youth, were on charge of everything that was done in the service. It was awesome! Many people took great pictures too.

Well, after getting home around 2:30PM, it was already winding
very heavy and raining very hard. All I could think of was, Dear Lord don't let any of those huge trees in our patio to fall on the roof --Specially the one that is near my room.
I refused
to let fear invade my heart , and so I didn't give second thoughts to any thing that was contrary to the Peace that surpasses all understanding.
I continually gave thanks to the Lord for keeping our power
on during the storm.
We heard three transformers exploded
, and even the light blinked twice.
I rebuked that and declared with my mouth that the power will never go away.

The power did go away , but not in my side of the street; across the street all the houses were without electricity.I recognized that was God's hand and not mere coincidence that allowed me to have electricity during the storm because i've prayed fervenly about it. So,I gave thanks and praised GOD for His
protection. I prayed for my neighbor's power to come back soon, and so it did yesterday or sometime tonight cause I just noticed that early this evening their lights were on. Praise God! My heart goes after those who still without electricity and even worse without water. I keep on praying that help will be there for them soon.

Well, I guess that would be all for today. I just thought posting because I know how many of you were concerned about me.

All is Well!!!
Praise GOD!
He has been so good to me!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hurricane Frances and Me!!! o_O

Hurricane Frances
SUNDAY, September 5th, 2004

FRANCES=The Free One*
(Talk about something i don't want for free)

It was 7:00 am on Sunday Morning when the hallowing of the winds and the heavy rain
woke me up from the most peaceful dream to an almost nightmare reality.
The phone ran and the pastor's wife was on the other line
informing people that church was canceled due to the passing of hurricane Frances. I tried to go back to sleep only to find myself tossing and turning while trying to aim my anxieties
and worries to a "happy thoughts land". --Sometime between 8:30am and 9:30 am I fell to sleep.I woke up hours later to what it seem at first a clear and sunny sky day. In my ignorance or my wanting to "deny" the reality of hurricane Frances, I tried to forget all about the hurricane and tried to go on with my ordinary and momentary "lazy life schedule." So, I ate some belated breakfast at 12:30 PM (don't even remember what i ate...sorry) I turned the TV on and began watching "Head on Heels", a sweet romantic comedy movie about some
four silly models
and an under cover FBI agent who falls for a fifth girl who also lives with the models in their apartment; she is a painter .---Then, after that "She Is All That" came on.---I liked that movie but wasn't really impressed with the story since I have seen the "save the poor little nerd girl" plot before. But I guess I could say it was "watchable"; besides, there was nothing better to watch on TV anyway .___After that movie, "Never Been Kissed" came next, and although I have seen that movie like a million times, I didn't mind watching it once again because I love it!!; but unfortunately, I fell to sleep.
The entire day/night was drizzling raining and winding . I was even getting used to the idea of having a hurricane coming my way.... When suddenly around 5:30PM, the Kabbom!! --The alarm for tornado watching was on!! Our local TV news reported that there was a serious tornado warning for my area. And when I say in my area, boy do I mean that!! __I live relatively close to downtown and main street, and the weather man was advising anyone who lives near downtown and main street area to hit to covers and go to some safe shelters because the tornado was going that way....SAY WHaaAAtT???!!--.My land lord told me to stay away from any windows, and to stay in the girl's room hall. I began panicking, and my heart began pounding like crazy. I've never encountered a tornado before, and having watched some "Twister" movie in the past, my mind went wild imagining the worse! Yikes!!!! ---
I emptied two of my dresser's drawers, put those closes in my laundry basket, and filled those emptied drawers with all my DVDs, Christian CDs, as well as my lap top
and camera .......I thought if the tornado blows out my roof and breaks the glass windows, and the heavy rain pours inside my room, my stuff would be saved inside my dresser.
Dear Lord my books
!!!!!!!!___My books are my treasure , and having way too many of them , it was difficult to choose what to put in a safe place, and what to leave it on the "hoping on the Lord's Mercy" place.---So, what did I do???? I put in the hall my huge " Inductive Study Bible ", my huge "Bible Concordance ", my huge "Bible Dictionary", among two others study Bibles (NELSON, and Amplified Bible), and my journal .....I have many great and awesome books, but these ones not only were precious to me, but honestly each of them were quite expensive. I bought those Long Time Ago! Back when I was rich!! ! ha ha ha
ha..*Joking* . **OKAY BACK TO THE DRAMA**__. So, i made the hall my little shelter. I took one of the big extra rugs from my bedroom and placed it in the hall for me to sleep on. I brought also to the hall my resting pillow , my radio (already with batteries in it), a little black flash light, some candles , my blanket, a gallon of drinking water, and (no kidding) a bag of gummy bears ...in case that I got trapped, I'd survived with the sugary "TutiFruiti" flavor of the gummy
bears.......Talk about silliness there!!!
The electricity went off right after I finished putting all my "survivor" kit in the hall. (By the way, wend i wrote this story first in my real Note book Journal, it was 1:00 AM and i was writing it with candle light)

My cordless phone stopped working because the black out, so I remember that I had an extra cord phone,
and so I plugged it in and called two of my girl buddies from church. One of them, Maira, was also without electricity. And she didn't even have a radio where her and her family could have a clue of what was going on with the hurricane and NOW with the tornado warning................. No worries! I filled her with that information....But, I think I made them all panic (gotta work on that a little bit). Hey! I didn't mean to alarm her, but in a way glad that I did cause otherwise she wouldn't have taken any precautions.
It was almost 9:00PM when I called
my other friend Merari. She lives 30 minutes outside of my city, and the good news was that she never lost power but just for three hours only.__What a Lucky Camper!! ___We talked for undying hours till 30 minutes before 12:00 AM. She was my only connection to civilization as I knew it a few hours ago!!!.
We talked about the weather,
about movies, about school, about coming activities in church, about complete nonsense things that I can't even recall, and of course, we talked about boys!! LOL Well, she did most of the talking anyway since apparently she likes some dude in church. Gotta pray hard for her!! LOL
So after a while, the tornado
warning was over, so I returned to my room and put back on my desk my books while I kept the rest of all my stuff in my dresser's drawers. (Not long ago, I went to the kitchen and grabbed some chocolate chip cookies and a soda .....NOTE:*That was when I actually wrote all these in my note book Journal** ....Remember, I am just rewriting this in my ONLINE JOURNAL for all of you to know....besides, there was not electricity back them anyway)

It was 1:55 AM already and everyone else was sleeping but me. Since we didn't have any electricity yet, and it began to get a little hot
and uncomfortable in my room, I opened up my windows and let the air and wind sort of flow inside my bedroom.___The funny thing is that even though it was raining so much and winding so strong, there was this strange peace in the mist of it. I was even finding all these- -writing in the dark with nothing else to light my note book and pen but an old ocean sensed blue sky candle that I had...the sound of the rain sorta of dripping near my window, and the soft whispering of the winds caressing some near by tree branches...--It was actually quite a beautiful night!----So weird! It almost resembled the same sound of the waves splashing and crashing in the ocean soars. It was very calming!
--I forgot to mention that early that night while talking to my friend Merari, i remembered the movie "Cast Away"
with Tom Hanks, and how i felt that i was transported to a deserted island where there was nothing else but a little flash light that could fade away any time soon ....and the sleeping in a cave thing while a huge Tropical storm was going on in one of the scenes of the movies.!.....How much I did appreciate having at
least a bed where to rest
, a shelter where to get cover from the storm , and a little candle to light up my room.

Tomorrow will be another day, and I am sure the sun is going to shine again---so that much I hoped--- If not in the sky, I know the sun is already shining in my heart.

I can have peace in the middle of my life storms as well!


Day 3..........AFTER THE STORM.....( again, written that exact day)

Today is Tuesday, September 7th, 2004. Two days after the storm and we still are without power in the north east area of my city.......So, that means, no hot meals,
no cold water, no air condition , no TV, no Internet, NO LIFE!!!!!!!This really Sucks!!!!

I have been eating coke and chocolate chip cookies
most of the time, after having some serious stomach problems with some cold canned "Vienna Chicken Sauces" and some cheese burger " Chef Boyardee" macaroni; i almost threw out! My tummy got sick! and it was hurting so much. So, the only "safe place" i found was with the chocolate chip cookies and coke; so I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about 3 days (I bought a HUGE bag of those cookies a day before the coming of the hurricane and all .....Thanks Goodness......Oh and yes, YES, before you begin---TALKING TO MY SISTERS IN HERE ----worrying about me and all, I DID HAVE ENOUGH "can" FOOD TO keep me going for about a month, the problem was the eating COLD part thingy ....I know you two!! Worrying about MOI so much!! Me Love You Both Sis!! )

There is little to do when you don't have electricity.............Talk about living in the 1800s century! Scary Time!! I wonder how did they survive without electricity and all?! So, what was I doing during that time?--Well, and sadly since there was little reason for me to be awake, I was spending most of the day time sleeping;
this even TRYING to force myself go back to sleep! *sigh*__Well, not
everything was unproductived; actually i was reading a lot (dusting all those old books from my shelf) and writing some --get this- POEMS AND SONGS.....
(To my sisters only: I will send you an exclusive copy of two of them in an another email).Also, I kept thinking
and looking at my guitar and wishing I kept practicing what I was learning from a friend from church....because I thought how cool could have been if only I knew how to play my guitar while there was no electricity...I am sure that would have made a huge difference in those lonely and boring days/nights.

I began feeling so frustrated the day after finding out that the main power plant that gave my area electricity and all, was seriously damaged,
so I heard it would take more than 10 days to get fixed... And what made things worse was that was still raining and winding very heavy so the workers couldn't get the job done . Lots of transformers exploded in my area too. I constantly kept hearing distant explosions going on around my NEIGHBORHOOD. It was quite freaking, really!


Wednesday, September the 8th....DAY 4....After the storm.

I forgot to write that the night before (Tuesday the 7th) I fainted
due to the heat, and my blood pressure apparently went down the hills ...So, not only I was getting physically sick , but also I began feeling emotionally drained too.....and my roommates were also getting a little agitated and irritaded....Tensions were running high in the house.... I couldn't go on like this for another 9 or 8 days ......so, I called my friend MERARI who lives in High Spring 30 minutes from my city and explained what was going on, so she and her Mom took me in.

The day when I got to her house and ate my first in a long time hot meal,
...Boy I saw heaven!...I began appreciating the little things we sometime take for granted as a simple ice cold water.I felt very emotional and tried to contemp myself not to cry during that night!I waited until everyone was sleeping and began to pray and cry and get all that out of my chest....my tears and crying were more than just a gratitude for the hot meals or the cold drinks.....it was a sense of feeling the Love, protection and care of God...Then again, I guess it was too many unspoken things that I've been keeping inside for such a long time....too many TRYING to forget about things that were sorta building up inside of me until I knew I couldn't go on holding those and trying to "take it like a good soldier" kind of thing........, and so I let God in !!!.

Many words could never be enough to discribe how much I've learned about Trusting in God's Love.I saw so many faces during the storm.......too many unexpected different reactions from people...even people that have never called me before, called me to know how I was coping and they really sounded sincere..........I saw even a different face in me !! It is true that character is really known when adversity times come your way!....this also flaws! I once again learned that I am far away from being perfect and far away from knowing all I need to know to keep on walking in the path that God has ordained for me.. I got so much to learn about life!!....there are times when the true measure of the man is tested.... Sometime what you will find can be quite scary and could really surprise you.....but THANKS GOD for His Love and Grace.



P.S#1: Still due to the hurricane Frances, we still are without Cable.....So, I am basically watching some old Jackie chan movies, reading some books (I am back on business) and also began working out!!.....so, you could imagine that my little body is in pain at the moment....lol
P.S: #2: I got back home on Monday....Sept. 13.

Well, I guess that covers pretty much everything.


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