Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne.....

Well, bye bye hurricane

We did have our Sunday service at church
and all, and even after the service we did fellowship and ate lunch together in the church dinning room.

It was also the celebration
of XA, our Christian fellowship in school.....So, we, the youth, were on charge of everything that was done in the service. It was awesome! Many people took great pictures too.

Well, after getting home around 2:30PM, it was already winding
very heavy and raining very hard. All I could think of was, Dear Lord don't let any of those huge trees in our patio to fall on the roof --Specially the one that is near my room.
I refused
to let fear invade my heart , and so I didn't give second thoughts to any thing that was contrary to the Peace that surpasses all understanding.
I continually gave thanks to the Lord for keeping our power
on during the storm.
We heard three transformers exploded
, and even the light blinked twice.
I rebuked that and declared with my mouth that the power will never go away.

The power did go away , but not in my side of the street; across the street all the houses were without electricity.I recognized that was God's hand and not mere coincidence that allowed me to have electricity during the storm because i've prayed fervenly about it. So,I gave thanks and praised GOD for His
protection. I prayed for my neighbor's power to come back soon, and so it did yesterday or sometime tonight cause I just noticed that early this evening their lights were on. Praise God! My heart goes after those who still without electricity and even worse without water. I keep on praying that help will be there for them soon.

Well, I guess that would be all for today. I just thought posting because I know how many of you were concerned about me.

All is Well!!!
Praise GOD!
He has been so good to me!

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