Friday, October 29, 2004

God is doing something new!!!!

#1 I have been torturing Spanish for an old friend and her sister. So far, they like the way I teach them. Vicky and Demetria are taking this Spanish class in college because it was required. Vicky is really more into learning and apparently likes it better than Demetria.It is kind of interesting to see the way the book teaches Spanish to none Spanish speakers.Their teacher does not allow anyone to speak any other language in the classroom therefore making it very hard most of the time to really follow what in the world he is saying in Spanish. That was the reason why the girls came looking for my help. I asked Demetria if she was planning to sale the book after the semester is over, so that I would buy it from her. But she said that she will give it to me instead. She was like, "Sale it? I'll give it to you for free"...lol
This whole tutoring Spanish thing gave me an idea. I am planning next semester when I go back to school (*sigh*) to tutoring students and get cash for it. Hey!! I got to survive!! ha ha ha It's a tough world out there!!! ha ha ha
But seriously, I think that will be great! I love teaching too.

#2 Two Sundays ago we had a special reach youth service in my church. A group from "Master's Commission" came and gave us some awesome tools on how to introduce people to Christ.
Two nights before the special Sunday outreach service, the guys/girls from MASTER'S COMMISSION and some youth from my church went to Down Town and began inviting the young people that were standing outside some clubs....Before that they prayed for the city.
The service was awesome. They brought great anointed dramas and music. 20 something souls accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.
Since then, it have been born in my heart a passion for the lost and for seeking GOD.
I tend to be a little shy in real life and sometimes is a little difficult for me to begin a conversation with strangers about JESUS. It is not that I am scared or ashamed or anything like that, just that I didn't know how to properly introduce myself and begin sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.......So, I was glad that the guys/girls from Master's Commission helped us with some clues on how to do that.Usually the way I begin talking about God is if someone mentions something related to the Bible or my belief, then I would start the conversation and stuff.

#3 Tonight we just had our Christian fellowship service on Campus. Although I'm not in school this semester because my surgery and all, I still go to those meetings. They are great. And we learn a lot about the Bible and JESUS.
Tomorrow from 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM we are going to be praying on campus for my city and then go to another Bible service beginning at 7:00PM.Usually when that service is over we go out to eat. One of our favorite spots is "T.J.Fridays."

#4 This Saturday, we will be giving prices and sharing God's Love in one of the busiest parks on Town. Usually on Saturdays the place is full. There is a big pool and a huge play ground, and tennis court; and I think basketball too. We are going to have fun while spreading words of hope around the park.

#5 I am not sure exactly when, but we (the Christian guys/girls from campus) are going to begin again doing some community services. I love this because is a great way to really help people in need and to show the unconditional love of JESUS......Lets face it, we are the only Bible some people are ever going to read. (I heard someone saying this phase before, and I couldn't agree with him more.)

Well, there you have it.

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