Friday, November 26, 2004

the piggiest day of all!!! ~(^(00)^)~ Oink Oink Oink!

Oh man, oh man!! I am so guilty of eating like a piggy this Thanksgiving....LOL
Talk about having around 10 different dishes including deserts. My favorite of all, which by the way I finally leaned how to make it myself, is sweet potato Casserole. I LOVEEeeeeeEE that stuff!!!
Another of my favorite dishes was the potato casserole and some kind of chocolate desert made out like with chocolate chip cookies, whip cream, and some other yummy ingredients. The girl who made it is going to bring me the recipe tomorrow. I hope she keeps her word.
Wow, I saved like two huge turkey legs. One I think I'll be eating tomorrow, and the other one I've put it on the frizzer to eat it may be on Friday or Saturday. Oh, and ah yeah, I learned how to make home made pecan pie. ^_^ I feel such a grown up now....LOL

We had around 26 people in the house. We ate around 1:00 PM...well, that is officially cause people kept eating for the next 5 hours or so....LOL

There were supposed to be like on TV and stuff like a lot of good movies and all during the whole day, but scheesh I was deceived...it was all a lie to keep us, silly boys and girls, away from the clubs....LOL (*AHEM* ...like that was a joke, I actually don't go to clubs).

Well, tomorrow early in the morning all the stores at the Mall will be having great stuff on sale, so I am most likely to go and buy moi some Christmas presents......LOL.....

Anywho, I am too tired to keep on writing.....


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