Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What are the odds....

What are the odds of finding someone from my same city (which I am not telling by the way) in an old Japan Chat room where I have been a member (because you have to, it's not like those weird chartroom that anyone can get in) since the year 2000. Well, two days ago I went back to check on old Asian friends and found out some dude that goes to UF and goes to places that I am used to going to. We chatted outside the chartroom on MSN so that we could talk about school and the triumph since a couple of years of the Gators over the Red ahead Indians (from the Tallahassee University......dunno/forgot the name of the team...darn it). Anyway, although I am not officially a football fan (that is the most savage game of all) I have no choice but to cheer up for my team too. I have closely known the last good one quarter back (Dough Johnson) and some other team members which one used to go to my church (Carlos Perez) until he graduated and moved I believe with the Falcons, but not sure. The dude once had a crush on me (yeah, and I am not bragging) but he wasn't really my type. He was an awesome man of God though. Anyway, back to the odds....That was really cool to meet someone from Japan Chat that lives here in my city (which by the way, kind of freaky cause this town is so small....but of course, I didn't give him my phone number or address or anything like that cause' that would have been just stupid....LOL....Plus, I don't think I would have the guts to meet anyone from the Internet unless I knew the person really well, which anyway, how can anyone know for sure if the person is what he says he is....) He is Chinese and is studying Japanese and Tourism or something like that. I asked him how he found the chat room and he said his teacher put the link at the end of teachers class schedule. I told him that I found the room while searching for Asian clothing stores over the Internet. We just talked for a few minutes cause when I got into the room that night was kind of late, and I was a little tired, but it was kind of cool. Who knows may be someday we could casually meet around campus.

In other news, this week have been crazy cool. There is this new fella in church (what a cuttie) and lucky me the dude seems to be attracted to me. The first day when I noticed him it was like two weeks ago; I knew his sister but didn't know that Sylvia (that is her name) had a brotha ^_~ *giggles* I noticed after the service on Sunday that he was looking at me. I was like, Nah!...what? Huh?o_O ha ha ha......then, I tried to confirm my suspicious and yes, his eyes were trying to reach mines which that made me so nerves and really shy. (darn it.....I hate being shy around cute guys..*gigles*) Anyway, I got the chance to talk to him due to that I was on charge of the student campus service last Thursday, and I found out that he is the most funniest and silliest guy ever. And oh WOW!!! He got such an awesome, amazing shoulders and muscle, and a look that cool cut through you. Whoa! ha ha ha ha .. So now the drama got a little interesting. We'll see. ^_~ LOL

I already put out the Christmas' tree and all the decoration yesterday. Glad that was over since there was so much to do. We have lights outside and all over the place; I love the little town villa that we have too. I love the house looking like a wonderland Town. ... tomorrow I will be helping with the cooking of theThanksgiving dinner. We will be having a few guesses so there will be a lot to do around the house. So if we cook on Wednesday, like the turkey and all, on Thursday we will have less things to do therefore more time to get the house ready and less stress too.

I guess that is all I can think about at the moment.

See Ya Folks!

Whoever is reading this.......since I have my doubts that anyone really is reading, since there is never a reply/comment on this journal.....Oh well! Love doing this anyway.....LOL

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