Tuesday, December 07, 2004


How can you help someone that apparently doesn't want your help? How can you stand still and let someone you have grown to care about as a friend been held back by people that have nothing better to do than putting him down.
I will keep his name anonymous as I am sure he has no clue that I know what is going on with him. Besides I understand what privacy means and what could also be a kind of embarrassment to him, I will try to keep this entry in a low profile.

This kid ( I will call him like that) has a lot of potential. I mean, he is very intelligent. (And the sad part is that he doesn't see himself that way). He is very funny, silly and very caring, with a sweet child heart like personality. He is very smart even though that he had this learning challenging problem.
I just read a post that he just erased minutes after I finished reading, and it was really so sad to read that he feels his mother doesn't care much about him and about his dreams. To that is added the fact that he has the most lazy and apparently very messy brothers who "doesn't clean up after themselves".
Because they have moved so much, he hasn't really made friends, and because of that he has felt always very lonely and sort of outcast I would say.
Anyway, I don't want to give much details about his life but rather would like to focus this post on my thoughts about his situation.
I really would like to help him somehow to gain confidence and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.....but don't know how to do it without him feeling expose or vulnerable.
We used to be friends and talk a lot over the Internet, but suddenly we (he) stopped talking. I have seen him over the net many times but don't want to bug him or make him think I still have romantic feelings for him or suffin'; so I try to just let him decide whether if he wants to continue the friendship or not.....But I can't still help it to care and sort of worry about him as a friend.....Plus, I know for a fact he has a new Girlfriend and wouldn't like to cause any problems or any crazy stuff like that....LOL...
Anyway, I wish I could cheer him up, and wish I could let him know that I still am his friend, and that he can count on me as one.

I guess all I can do is pray for him though.......GOD can do far more than what I can.......I believe every person has been brought to my life for a purpose.....and may be my purpose in this is to pray for him.

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